Sunday, 15 May 2011

Wednesday 11th May 2011

Today we started to paint the Drawing Room in pashmina (the light pink bass colour)As the rollers used on the previous day were still running green despite being washed, we went to Wickes to buy new ones. While this was drying Ryhan and Jenny continued with their stencils. Ryhan was unsure if the material she was using was suitable, so we tested it on a scrape piece of lining paper Unfortunately when tested the paint bleed underneath the material. It was decided that acetate was a better option. As the acetate sold in the Uni shop was only A3 Ryhans stencil to be used in the Study had to be made in quaters.

For the cornors and just above the panneling (were the roller either wouldnt fit or didnt want to go over the line of paneling) we used a paint brush to paint the hard to reach areas.

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