Sunday, 8 May 2011

Flat Building- Tuesday 5th April

After a demonstartion from Henry Jones on the number of 'flats' that are needed for our set and how to build and put together 'flats', we were able to start making.

For each 8 by 4 foot flat, 2x8 foot pieces of wood and 5x4 foot (minus 2 times the width of the wood) were needed.
on the 8 foot pieces of wood we marked 2 foot all the way along using a tape measure and pencil, to ensure the lines were straight we used a square. On each of the 8 foot pieces of wood we marked the width of 2 pieces of wood at either end, using a power drill we drilled 2 holes at each end. This was done to prevent the wood from spliting when the screws were inserted. Starting with the marked end of the 8 foot, we used the drill to screw on a 4 foot piece of wood, this was repeated at every 2 foot mark. Repeat this process for the other side starting at the same end as before.

When the frames were finished PVA was spread over one side of the frame, then a 4 foot by 8 foot piece of plywood skin was put on top. going form one cornor we made sure the skin ws flush with the frame. By making sure one corner is flush the rest can be manipulated into place. We used an electric nail gun to secure the plywood skin to the frame, We drew line's on the plywood were the frames across the centre were and used the nail gun across the lines ensuring the plywood was secure to the frame.

For any over hang of the plywood skin we used a router, to make sure the plywood was flush with the frame. This was repeated for every frame. This was also repeated for headers and footers.

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