Thursday, 26 May 2011

Wedneday 25th May 2011

Today was the day of the photoshoot. Everyone came into uni really early to get the final touches just right. Rhyan bought in the rugs from her dads house which we used in the Study and Drawing Room. Once the rugs were in place we were able to place the furniture in its final position. All the knick-knacks were placed on the cabinets, as we did not have enough to cover as much of the surfaces as we would have liked we borrowed some from group one. Fiona bought in a mirror to be hung and also real and fake flowers to be cut, put in vase's and placed around the Drawing Room.

To cut out the harsh lighting from outside and the view out the windows of the scenic room, we covered the backs of the windows with black material. The roof of the Study was also covered in this material.

The floor then needed a good sweep and there were plenty of dusty foot, unfortunately we could not get all of these off.

When the photographers arrived we were told about the equipment they had bought with them, how to set it up and health and safety. We discussed what we thought the lighting should look like in each room, we decided that the study should be dully lite, with a blue/white light to create the feeling of coldness. For the drawing room we decided that this should be in contrast to the study, being light and the feeling of warmth using orangey lighting.

We dicussed what would be the best way to light the rooms and we decided on through the windows as this would create the right shadows for natural light. We made the Drawing Room lighting as light as we could. As well as using 650watt lighting through each window we also used a duller light over the door and on the ceiling above the table.

For the study we lit the room in the same way with just a 650watt light through the study window, as the light on its own was too bright, we used different materials to cover and bounce the light. This was a very timely process. an extra light was added next to the cabinent to create more shadow and contrast.

The most important thing we learnt today was what looks perfectly lite to the eye will look completely different through a camera lense, so always look trough the camera while deciding on the right lighting.

I really enjoyed this project, the work that everyone has put in and the quality of the end result is amazing. Im really proud of the end result and would love to do a project like this again.

some pictures from the day:

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