Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Tuesday 17th May 2011

Today we strated to upholster the love. Ryhan had already made the frame/base.

While jenny completed the last few bits of stenciling Ryhan and myself started to cut the foam I had got over the holidays to fit the love seat.

We tried to get one large piece of foam to fit the love seat but unfortunalty didnt fit probably. So we decided to cut the piece's of foam to fit inbetween the four upright sections to the back of the seat. To secure the foam to the back of the love seat we folded the foam round the plastic piping and stappled in place. Trimming and over hang.

When all th tops of the foam had been stappled we decided that the back of the love seat wasnt 'full' enough. We debated what we could use to pad out the back, we tried pulling the foam out abit so it would it has a slant but this did not give enough support to the back when sitting on it. So we decided to stuff the back underneath the foam with small pieces of polystrene and scrapes of foam.

While myself and Jenny cut foam and stuffed the back Ryhan cut the stappled foam so it sat on the seat evenly. Once the back was stuffed we could staple the foam to the seat.

The seat for the love seat was too low even with the foam stappled to it, so we decided that another piece of foam should be added to the seat as a cushion. To do this we placed a cut down piece of foam ontop of the seat and drew the shape with a perminant marker. We then cut out the shape using a stanley knife, making sure it fitted to the seat.

To upholster the chair we started by cutting 3m's off the pink fabric, Nikki T had found in her mothers shop, costing £3 a metre.

With the 3m's that we cut off we drapped it over the inside of the loveseat and stappling to the seat. We stappled to foam to the shape of the chair that we had created with foam previously. We then pulled the fabric so it was tight, wrapped it round the top of the love seat and stapled it to plastic tubing. This proved difficult as if not enough pressure was applyed the staple would only secure to foam and would fall out. We stappled this all the way the top of the love seat.

At the arms of the chairs we were a little stuck on how to attach the fabric with out it looking badly done, so we tried a few things out and decided on a pleat.

Once we had done this to both arms, we realised that we did have any foam or fabric at the front of the chair, as this was not being cover by the seat cushion we stappled a small piece of foam and cover in fabric, attaching it underneath the seat and ontop under where the cushion will be.

We then went round and trimmed all the uneven edges to give a neater finish. As we were running out of time that day and were unable to get to a sewing machine, Jenny took the seat cushion and 1m of fabric home ( as she has a sewing machine at home) and made the cushion seat ready for wednesday morning.

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