Sunday, 15 May 2011

Monday 9th May

On Monday myself, Ryhan and Jenny finished wall papering as on friday we fnished the Drawing Room we started on the Study using the same process as the Drawing Room. Monday afternoon, myself, Rhyan, Jenny and Kirby disccused the colour schemes for each room. We decided on Dark Green called Tuscon Glade 1 for the bass colour in the Study and light green called Jungle Fever 2 for the Stencilling. For the Drawing Room we chose, light pink called Pashmina for the bass colour and dark pink called Candy Love 4 for the stencilling.

The colour swatches we used were delux but when buying the paint we would look for a cheaper alternative.

Jenny and Ryhan were originally given the job of wall papering,so they chose the patterns for the stencils, they also cut the stencils out. On Tuesday 10th May it was decided that we would do the wall papering as a three (myself Ryhan and Jenny) as myself and Ryhan were paired for the love seat and myself and Jenny were partnered to do the windows, so we desided to do all of these jobs as a three.

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