Sunday, 27 March 2011

AutoCAD Window

This is my Final AutoCAD design.

Window Designs

I really like this design but I think it looks more like the exterior rather than the interior of a builing.

If i was to design the exterior this would fit with the style of the era.

I like this design but I dont think it fits right with the group design or fits with th style of the book.

If I was to do this design I would change the top so it had an oval or circle feature.

I really like this design and I think it fits well with the Russian baroque theme,being sqaure and oval.

If I was to do this design I would have fewer lines in the glass oval section of the window and have less grids in the main pannel of the window.

I dont like this design, I dont think it fits with the era and style of the book. If I did have to use this design i would change it so that there was an oval section and a grid section to fit the Russian Baroque style.


I chose this design because I think it fits well with the are and theme.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Baroque fabric samples

By researching fabric samples I can see what sort of fabrics would have been used at the time.
This will help me with design my curtains/drapes.

Research Curtains/Drapes

Examples of 19th century curtains and drapes:
Remove frame

Trying to find the curtains/drapes in the right era was a little difficult, but from what I have found I can now start designing the curtains/drapes to cover the windows.
Looking at images of curtains/drapes from the 19th century i can see that the colours mainly used were drak reds and gold.
The style of the curtains is thick and full.
Taking this into consideration I can design the curtains to match the windows and the style from that era.

Russian Baroque Window Research

After researching Russain Baroque windows, I have decided to design my window with a square and oval design.
Russain Baroque windows look like they are designed for churches and cathedrals. I am going to keep this in mind when I design my window, but design it so it wouldnt look out of place in a house.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Russian Architecture

Illustrations from:
Early Russain Architecture. Faensen,Ivanov and Beyer.1972.Union Verlog (VOB) Berlin.
Hubert Faensen and Vladimir Ivanov. Photography by Klaus Beyer
Russian Architecture shows the same patterns troughout history, bold colours mixed with golds. Arched window frames and doors. And cirlce, points and domes.
I will use these features in my designs for the windows. Following the arche and circle design and more research i can design the drapes in a style to match the architecture.

Russain Baroque Architcture