Sunday, 15 May 2011

Tuesday 3rd May 2011

Henry Jones showed us how to put the flats together. We began at one cornor, two people worked on the flat side holding the flats in place and making sure the edges were flush, using a spirit level to make you the flats were straight. Two people also worked on the other side of the flats, one person helped hold the flats firm while the other screwed them together at 2 foot intervals, starting at the bottom and working up. More people were needed to help as more flats we being added. This job still didnt reguire the whole group, mainly because the more people would just be in the way. So myself, Kirby and Jenny were taught to make brackets by simon. The brackets are to insure that the sey is stable once it's together. We made these by using two pieces of softwood roughly the same length (doesnt matter is they arent the same length, wood can be cut once put together) Two people held them in place, making sure they were flush while the other person screwed them together at about one to two feet apart.

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