Sunday, 15 May 2011

Thursday 12th May 2011

After finishing painting the bass coat of the wall paper and creating the stencils out of acetate, myself Ryhan and Jenny started stenciling in the Drawing Room. As Jenny's stencil was all so too big for the acetate, half the stencil was cut out and the stencil could be rotated to create the top/bottom half of the stencil.

We stuck the acetate stencil to the wall using masking tape, we decided that we would use the line in which the wall paper had left down the wall as a center mark for the stencil. We also decided that the positioning for the next stencil would be inbetween the lines that the wall paper had created, matching the top of the first stencil with the middle of the new stencil

To paint the stencils we used a sponge dipped lightly into the dark pink paint. We used a dabbing technique instead of painting it on, this made the stenciling look more realistic to real patterned wall paper. Using a different sponge we used the lighter pink to dab over the top of the darker stenciled pink, we did this to give the wall paper a slightly textured look, this also helped dull down the harhness of the darker pink.

I think this technique worked really well and gave the wall paper a more realistic look.

Although the acetate was very effective, it broke easily as some parts of the stencil were very thin, we managed to fix the broken parts with cellotape. But as the stencil broke more we decided that it would be more time effective to cut out a new stencil.The stencil also needed cleaning often as the build up of paint would stretch the acetate and make it sticky.

For the cornors, the stencil was too big to fit, so Ryhan made another stencil which was half the size of the original. This worked well but was very time consuming as the stencil need to be washed often as the stencil as needed to be flipped over in order to create the design.

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