Sunday, 15 May 2011

Thursday 5th May 2011

When the Drawing room walls were put together we noticed that they were floating a few cm's from the ground. So we unscrewed the walls and placed a piece of MDF underneath and rebuilt the walls to make sure they were straight, However the walls still floated, but not as much.
Myself, Ryhan, Jenny and Chloe went to buy wallpaper. We also looked at alternatives to painting the flooring, as this could be a timing issue. Unfortunately the quotes we recieved were too expensive. The flooring we looked at was snap in flooring and lino. We also found small self adhesive tile lino flooring in the pound shop, but as a group we decided that this was not the best and cost affective option.
The wallpaper we decided on was linning paper. A plain wallpaper which can be painted any colour. We decided that buying linning paper and painting and stencilling onto would be the cheapest way to get look we wanted.

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