Thursday, 26 May 2011

Monday 23st May 2011

Today myself and Jenny finished the other 2 windows ( Drawing Room and Study) using the same process as Friday 19th May.

Once we had completed all the windows, some area of the cross bars needed filling as some of the slots were cut to big. We did this using carbody filler, to smooth over we used anything with a smooth edge, we unfortunately could find any card, so we used what we could find which was an expired railway card.

While this was drying we decided that wood stain would be the best option for covering the windows, as the doors and floors had already been stained with this. As there wasnt much stain left myslef and Jenny went to Wickes to buy some. Dark oak satin wood stain was used.

We applid 2 coats of stain to the windows (leaving to dry inbetween) using vasious size brushed to stain smaller or larger areas. We left these to dry over night as they were still tacky by the time people wanted to hang the curtains.

I think overall the windows turned out really well, we had our difficulties making them along the way but the end result suited the room well.

I would have like to have made the whole of my original design with the arche ontop of the window but as the tops were not being shown and it would have wasted time and would have ruined the illusion of the extra height.

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