Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Thursday 19th May 2011

Myself and Jenny started to measure up for the windows and cut out the wood ready for building.

We began by measuring the gap for the windows using a tape measure ( 3foot by 5 foot)We took these measurements and marked them out on pieces of softwood.

We then cut the pieces of wood out using a mitre saw wearing correct PPE ( overalls, stealcapped boots and long hair tied back) Once all the wood was cut out we started on the window near the doors. First we made sure that the pieces of wood fitted we then placed one of the 5foot pieces of wood in place and screwed to the flats.
As shown by the diagram to the right. The piece of softwood was placed in the gap made previosly for the windows. To get the correct placing of the wood frame 1 piece of wood was placed so it was flush with the front of the window (Drawing Room side) another piece of wood was placed behind this and screwed into place. 2 screws were used in each of the 3 sections of the frame.

By using this first piece of wood flush with the frame of the gap we were able to mark were the center was, as a window frame would not sit flush with the interior or exterior of a building.

We repeated this for the other side.

To fix the frame acros the bottom and top we needed seperate blocks of wood screwed into the vertical softwood frame and the bottom frame being attached now. ( as shown by the diagram)

First we cut the blocks of wood and drilled 2 pilot holes, we did this to ensure that the wood wouldnt split when screwing together. While Jenny held the blocks I screwed them into place using a power drill. We repeated this for the top. We had to take the top brace off so we could screw the blocks on safely and securely.

As this was a timely process Abbie and Nikki M started on the second window in the drawing room screwing the vertical pieces of softwood in place. They had a few problems with getting the screws at the top into the wood.
Once Jenny and I had finished the first window frame we went to attach the bottom and top pieces of wood on the window Abbie and Nikki M had started. Unlike the first window, the gap was too big for the pieces of wood we had cut. After measuring we became to realise that not all the gaps for the windows were the same width.
We re-measured and cut more wood to fit the gap. While we were doing this Abbie and Nikki M started the vertical frames in the study.

We then repeated the process for the top and bottom frames on all three windows.

If I was to do this again I would not rely on agreed measurements for the windows or just the measurements of one window, I would measure them all before starting.

While myself and Jenny began on the windows Ryhan began to Brade the loveseat, using gold brading and a hot glue gun.

The cushion we used were previosly made by Abbie.

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